The Fabrikas Restorāns that you are seeing now until the 20th century was in fact a factory for the production of "Celm & Boehm" plaster (first established in 1863 as a chalk factory). Later the factory became known for the production of P.Bēma plaster and cement, which operated until the Second World War. After the war the factory no longer produced plaster and cement. Fate had that it served as a laundry and dry cleaning house for the Baltic Military, repairshop for musical instruments and lastly the LSSR Voluntary Water Rescue Society for small vessels.

In 2003 the factory was rebuilt to serve as a housing estate and residential area ("Zaigas Gailes Offices"). The current "Ģipša fabrika" complex consists of five buildings: the "big house", "old house", "English cottage", "Dutch house". The only new buildings that you will find in this complex are the cottages that run alongside the Daugave river bed. The buildings form a closed courtyard, with a 1899 year old chimney in the center. The "Fabrikas Restorāns" you are currently sitting in is part of the "Old house".

The Plaster factory of the German businessman Boehm is an example of brick architecture in Riga at the end of the 19th century – with glorious masonry details and texture, interesting wooden constructions, characteristic rhythm and window divisions . The position of the factory at the very bank of the river can be explained by the convenient transportation of raw materials and productions by the river in barges.

The Starters


  • Bang bang salad with grilled chicken and Won Ton crisps (10.00)
  • Fried calamari salad with sweet chili sauce, fresh vegetables and lettuce (11.50)
  • Poke salad with fresh mango, marinated Scottish salmon fillet, bamboo rice and ponzu sauce (12.00)
  • Duck salad with hoisin- honey vinaigrette, watercress, roasted peanuts, pomegrante and mango (9.80)
  • Fresh vegetable salad with ginger-carrot dressing (8.00)


  • Small tempura fried calmari served with spicy mayonnaise (14.00)
  • Seared tiger prawns with garlic puree and roasted tomato salsa (14.00)
  • Grilled octopus with chorizo and sweet potato puree (12.00)
  • Shredded duck with plum sauce, cucumber, green onion and steamed pancakes (12.50)
  • Rice spring rolls with king crab meat, mango and mint- coriander sauce (13.00)



  • Vegatable Pad Thai with egg omlet, rice noodles and peanuts (12.00)
  • Aubergine steak with sweet potato chips, spring onion, pickled carrot, rocket salad, seasonal mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes (13.00)
  • Vegetable tempura spring roll with peanut sauce (9.00)







  • Scottish salmon with tobiko, corn tortilla, avocado and grapefruit (12.00)
  • Beef with truffle soy sauce, sesame seeds, egg yolk, green onions, mustard and chips (13.50)
  • Pink tuna tartar with ponzu sauce, spring onion and red chili  (12.00)
  • Wild deer carpaccio with beetroot, Szechuan pepper, crispy garlic, Dijon mustard, sesame oil and pickles (12.00)


  • Lobster bisque with king crab meat (14.00)
  • Shiro miso soup with udon noodles, shiitake mushrooms, tofu cheese and seaweed (8.00)
  • Thai style seafood Won Ton soup with pak choi salad, spring onion, coriander and red chili (10.00)
  • Tomato-paprika gazpacho soup with grilled vegetables and croutons (8.00) 

The Mains


  • Duck leg confit with plum sauce, parsnip puree and warm yuzu red cabbage (18.00)
  • Uruguay beef fillet steak with truffles, sweet potato puree, shallots and seasonal mushrooms (25.00)
  • Wagyu beef burger with black truffles, caramelized red onions, aioli sauce and french fries (25.00)
  • Korean barbecue style New Zealand lamb rump with kimchee salad, yellow rice with mint and chinese cabbage (20.00)
  • Creole style guinea fowl with dates, haricot beans and teriyaki sauce (18.00)
  • Japanese curry with beef, vegetables, chocolate, apple and basmati rise (18.00)


  • Miso black cod with warm pak choi salad (25.00)
  • Scottish salmon with red quinoa and herb crust, Dijon mustard, bonito flakes, spinach-potato puree and asparagus (22.00)
  • Seabass Escabeche with marinated vegetables, warm pak choi salad and basmati rice (23.00)
  • Grilled tuna fillet with chorizo, corn, avocado and warm pak choi salad (22.00)
  • Fried monkfish with tiger prawns on lemongrass skewer and warm vegetables cooked in Thai style yellow curry (24.00)


  • Tortilla chips, salsa, sour cream. (4.00)
  • Sweet potato fries (4.00)
  • French fries with truffle oil and parsley (4.00)
  • Fabrikas spiced potatoes (4.00)
  • Pak choy with garlic, chili and soy (4.00)
  • Yellow rice (4.00)
  • Grilled seasonal vegetables (4.00)
  • Olives (4.00)
  • Fabrikas salad (4.00) 

The Desserts


  • Marzipan cake (8.00)
  • Chocolate fondant with mate infusion and dulce de leche ice cream (8.00)
  • Aerated green tea cheese cake, ginger sesame crumb, fresh mango and caramel ice cream. (8.00)
  • Raspberry soup with basil ice cream and chocolate chip (8.00)
  • Cheese plate (12.00)



  • Strawberry (3.50)
  • Tangerine (3.50)
  • Mango (3.50)



  • Vanilla (3.50)
  • Caramel (3.50)
  • Chocolate (3.50)
  • Dulce De Leche (3.50)
  • Basil (3.50)


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We do not book the bar area – we leave this for walk-in guests to ensure that we always offer some tables for those who have not booked.


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